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WP Cost Estimation & Payments Forms Builder has over 21,000 sales and thousands of reviews—considered a perfect 5/5—answering the question: why it is a globally large best seller. Over 10 years in continuous development, every implementation and tool used is based on the uses and requests of its users. It puts up an astronomical array of tools and options to cover any type of form, quiz, or service/product sale. All it does is to ensure that the admin is empowered to deal with everything simply, quickly, and intuitively, in a seamless and efficient experience.

Empower Your Online Interface with Unmatched Features

Explore a rich suite of features tailored to elevate your online operations.
WP Cost Estimation & Payments Forms Builder is packed with many features and arranged in a very unique way. Enjoy the steps builder, the drag-and-drop way, the form designer tool for editing it inline with CSS style, and the discount codes. It attaches perfectly with PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, WooCommerce, Zapier, GetResponse, MailPoet, and MailChimp. You can also manage your archived orders with detailed statistics and use your calendar management and booking system. On top of it, there is the dynamic image component that complements the user experience in a way that this plugin is indispensable in building complicated forms and managing your payments end-to-end.

Versatile Form Creation

Create a myriad of forms ranging from contact, booking, payment to survey forms with ease and efficiency for every business need​.

Superior Backend System

Experience a user-friendly backend that simplifies form creation, making it a breeze even for the non-tech savvy individuals

Drag & Drop Layouts

Build complex layouts effortlessly with a visual step builder tool, employing a drag and drop interface that requires no coding expertise

Seamless Online Payments & cost estimates

Configure online payments in your forms straightforwardly, whether using Paypal, Stripe, or Razorpay, ensuring a smooth checkout process for your users​

Visual Custom Calculations & Math Logic

Define dynamic pricing and quantities based on conditions, thanks to a visual calculation system that makes setup and management a cinch, supporting any JS function!

Integration with Other Software & Services

Enhance your workflow by easily passing form values to other software or services like Zapier, ensuring your forms are always compatible with the rest of your tech stack
The ultimate tool for seamless transactions. Simplify form designs, integrate payments effortlessly, and elevate your website to new heights.
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Smart Selling Made Simple

WP Cost Estimation & Payments Forms Builder is a myriad of available options with proper features that best fit every eventuality, helping to sell all kinds of custom products or services in the smartest manner possible. Minimize friction to create the perfect funnel with advanced features such as Google 3 Recaptcha invisible, automatic email dispatch when final steps are reached, and smooth transitions between steps. The same goes for design as being related to interactivity and animation; if it adds up in the user experience, it shall be truly vibrant and fun and it sure does set out to enhance conversion. Drive e-sales with this powerful yet extremely user-friendly tool, designed to ensure success and customer satisfaction.

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Your Gateway to Monetizing Custom Products and Services

Don’t miss the chance to revolutionize your sales strategy to another level. With WP Cost Estimation & Payments Forms Builder, you are not just going to buy a plugin; you will buy a tool that really made growth, maximizing efficiency and user satisfaction at the same time, for thousands of happy users. Discover firsthand how easy the setup actually is, how intuitive the customization really is, and what a real boost your conversion rate will get. Look at your business go up a level step-by-step with every opportunity—a lot more bookings, more sales, and more profits!

A unique multi-step system

Discover the most advanced and intuitive system possible to quickly create intelligent and fully dynamic forms

A complete booking system

A full booking system and a complete calendar management tool to create robust booking forms

Powerful conditional system

Easily create visibility or calculations conditions based on the values filled in your form 

Easily create distance calculations in your form

Fill your Google Maps API key to add dynamic maps and  create custom distance calculations in your forms

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WP Cost Estimation & Payments Forms!

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