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Global settings

You can open the global settings panel by clicking the gear icon in the main toolbar of the plugin :

The global settings modal is made of 3 tabs :


This tab contains the main global settings. Here are details about some of them :

  • Customer account management : This option allows you to enable the GDPR option in the wanted forms.
    If the email filled by the customer in the form is already stored, a password (sent by email) will be asked to him .
    Once this option enabled, you need to select an existing WordPress page in the “Account management page” option.
    The customer account system will be integrated to this page .
  • Encrypt data in the database : When this option is enable, all the customers information will be encrypted in the database.
  • Admin email : This email will be used as sender address when the password recovery email will be sent to a user
  • Use SMTP to send emails : This option allows you to configure an existing SMTP email account. When it is enabled, the emails are directly sent from the configured account, and not anymore from the server itself.

Customer account texts

You can define all the texts used in the customer account page from the options of this panel .

Main colors

These colors are essentially used in the customer account page.