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Import & Export data

This plugin comes with a powerful import & export system that allows you to transfer all your forms/calendars/customers/orders data from a website to another one without having to reupload any image file or change any URL in the settings.
To export your data, simply click the “Export forms” button from the forms list panel :

The plugin will open the export modal that allows you to choose if you want to include stored orders and discount coupons to the exported data :

Then click the button “Downloaded the exported data” to download a zip file that contains a json file and all the images used in the form.

If you use OSX, the downloaded zip file will be automatically extracted in a folder automatically created by the O/S.
To be able to import it, you must compress all the files contained in this folder in a zip file.
This zip file must only contain the json file and image files, not any folder.