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Integrate a form in pages

To integrate a form in a WordPress page, you simply need to paste its shortcode in the page content, where you want to place it :

[estimation_form form_id="1"]

Click the “Shortcode” button in the row of the target form from the forms list panel to easily generate the shortcode :

Here are the options of the Shortcode modal :

  • Displaying : This option allows you to choose if the form must be displayed in the page content, in fullscreen or as a popup.
    If you want to use it as modal, you will need to paste the form shortcode with the popup attribute, then add the css class displayed in the Shortcode modal to the button or link that must open the popup.
    Example of shortcode :
    [estimation_form form_id="1" popup="true"]
    Example of css class added to a link to open the form popup :
    <a href="#" class="open-estimation-form form-1">Open Form</a>
  • Start step : This dropdown allows you to define another start step than the default one.
    It allows you to use a same form with different start step on different pages of your website.