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Manage your orders

To view the stored order of a specific form, you simply need to click the “View orders” button from the forms list panel, or click the “Orders” button in the form toolbar from the form edition panel :

This panel lists all the orders submitted by the current form :

The actions buttons in each order row allow you to :

  • View the order
  • Edit the order
  • Download the order as pdf file
  • View the corresponding customer account
  • Delete the order

When you click the “View order” button, you will be able to modify the status of this order, edit it and send it by email to the customer.

When you edit an order, you freely modify the existing items names and price, and use the “+ Item row” and “+ Step row” to add new rows to the summary table.
The “Modify total” button allows you to change the single total price, the subscription price and the VAT price (when the corresponding options are enabled in the form settings).