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Step edition

Click the “Edit this step” button on a step circle from the “Steps manager” panel to open the step edition panel :

The step layout is made up of rows. Rows are made up of columns, and columns contains the items components.
You can add new rows by clicking the green “+” buttons at top and bottom of the step content :

Simply move the cursor over a row to see its edition menu :

Simply click the “+” button you to add a new column in this row.
You can change the size of a column from its toolbar that is displayed when you move the cursor over it, and add new components inside by clicking its gray “+” buttons :

In the same way, simply move the cursor over a component to see its menu and edit it by clicking the pencil icon :

Components and columns can be moved and sorted by using drag & drop to create the wanted layout.
To be able to delete a column, you first need to remove the components it contains.
Simply click the pencil icon in the wanted component toolbar to edit its options.