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Steps manager

Edit or create a a form to access to the form edition page :

The steps manager is the panel opened by default. It shows all the steps of the form and allows you to link and create conditions to show each one depending on the wanted conditions.
A final static step is always added at end of the form, after the configured steps. To create a single step form, you simply need to edit the last step without creating additional steps.
Move the cursor over a step circle to see the possible actions buttons :

  • Define as start step : Click this button to set this step as first step of the form
  • Start a link to another step : Click this button to create a link that goes from this step to another one
  • You can freely define the conditions of each link, so the plugin will detect the valid link to call the good next step
  • Edit this step : Click this button to edit th content of the selected step
  • Duplicate this step : This button allows you to duplicate the selected step and all its content in one click
  • Remove this step : This button allows you to delete the selected step and its content

To link two steps, simply click the “Start a link to another step” button on the wanted step, then click the target step circle :

The pencil icon at middle of the link allows you to define the conditions of this link.
When the “Next step” button is clicked in a step, the plugin verify the conditions of all the links that start from this step.
If there is a valid link, it will open its target step as next step. Otherwise it will show the final step.
If there are several valid links, it will select the one that has the less conditions defined.