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Use with Woocommerce

This plugin allows you to assign products from Woocommerce to the components of your forms, and automatically add them to the Woocommerce cart when the form is submitted.
To be able to do that, you first need to enable the “Add selected items to cart” option in the “Last step” tab of the form settings :

Please note that these options are only displayed when the Woocommerce is installed and activated.
Once done, you can use the “Woo product” option from the component panel (on priced components types like checkbox, image, button, slider etc…) to assign an existing Woo product to this component.
Simply start to fill the target Woocommerce product in the field and use the autocompletion menu to select it :

Then you can freely modify its price or create a price calculation. The product will be added to the Woocommerce cart with the price of the selected component.

Only Woocommerce products can be added to the Woocommerce cart. All the other data is sent to the admin and stored by the plugin when the form is submitted. The reference of the sent order will be added as attribute to the Woocommerce product in the Woocommerce order, to allow you to find the corresponding data.
You can also choose to add the full form summary as attribute of the Woocommerce product in the Woocommerce order.