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Immerse in the glassmorphic elegance of WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder’s backend—intuitive, visually enriched, yet powerfully robust. Effortlessly manage endless steps and complex conditions with a suite of visual tools. It’s not merely a backend, it's your gateway to seamless, logical artistry in form building.

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Explore a rich suite of features tailored to elevate your online operations.
With WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder, transform the mundane into the extraordinary, ensuring every interaction on your platform is efficient, engaging, and effortlessly manageable. Discover the edge that keeps you ahead in the digital race.

Versatile Form Creation

Create a myriad of forms ranging from contact, booking, payment to survey forms with ease and efficiency for every business need​.

Superior Backend System

Experience a user-friendly backend that simplifies form creation, making it a breeze even for the non-tech savvy individuals

Drag & Drop Layouts

Build complex layouts effortlessly with a visual step builder tool, employing a drag and drop interface that requires no coding expertise

Seamless Online Payments & cost estimates

Configure online payments in your forms straightforwardly, whether using Paypal, Stripe, or Razorpay, ensuring a smooth checkout process for your users​

Visual Custom Calculations & Math Logic

Define dynamic pricing and quantities based on conditions, thanks to a visual calculation system that makes setup and management a cinch, supporting any JS function!

Integration with Other Software & Services

Enhance your workflow by easily passing form values to other software or services like Zapier, ensuring your forms are always compatible with the rest of your tech stack
The ultimate tool for seamless transactions. Simplify form designs, integrate payments effortlessly, and elevate your website to new heights.
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A lifetime license without subscription

One-time cost license, No recurring fees !

Unlike many other software solutions, the WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder plugin does not burden you with recurring subscription fees or hidden costs. With a one-time license purchase, you unlock the full potential of the plugin to create, customize, and manage your forms seamlessly. Each license is tied to one website, making it a cost-effective solution for your specific needs. What’s more, your one-time payment not only grants you access to the plugin but also includes lifetime updates. This means that you’ll always have access to the latest features, enhancements, and fixes, ensuring that your form building tool stays up-to-date and continues to add value to your website without any additional costs.

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Your Gateway to Monetizing Custom Products and Services

In the digital realm, customization reigns supreme, and with the dynamic WordPress form builder with price calculations – WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder – elevating your clientele’s experience while boosting your revenue potential is both efficient and effortless.

Our #1 plugin empowers you to create dynamic forms tailored to encapsulate your diverse range of products and services. Integrated with a sophisticated booking system, it simplifies the journey from initial inquiry to secured payment, whether it’s a one-off purchase or a recurring service agreement.

Handling complex calculations is a breeze, ensuring your clients are always well-informed and ready to proceed. The seamless transmission of data to Zapier facilitates smooth operations, while the intuitive and aesthetically pleasing backend enhances your administrative experience.

As the best-selling plugin of its kind on WordPress, the WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder is your trusted companion in monetizing custom offerings. Transform your WordPress site into a lucrative hub for personalized products and services, and watch as your financial horizons expand.

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